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Welcome to BeeSmart Childcare Centre

We are situated in Santa Venera and is very close to major businesses and employment hubs. Our objective is to provide childcare, kindergarten and summer school club service in a loving, safe and educational environment whilst catering for individual needs. BeeSmart’s qualified employees respond appropriately to every child so that parents put their mind at ease whilst being away from their loved one. BeeSmart caters for children from four months to five years of age at Santa Venera. Our child-centred approach promotes the development of creativity, individuality and self-confidence through working in partnership with parents to provide the highest standards of nursery care.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to offer secure childcare at all times providing peace of mind to parents who trust their children in our care. Professional staff offer close personal attention to each child which is essential to provide a quality experience in every child’s early education.

Our Values


We believe every child deserves excellence in early learning programmes and services to make a difference in their lives and our community.


We believe families and providers are unique and we strive to understand, appreciate, and serve their needs.


We believe respect is essential to building the relationships that are critical to success and optimizing the talents and diversity of our families and partners.


We believe integrity is the bedrock of a trustworthy organization which promotes effective relationships and assures mindful stewardship of state resources.

Team Work

We believe working together results in a stronger organization and community.


We believe ongoing education and advocacy promotes positive early learning experiences, providing all children the opportunity to succeed.

Our Services

BeeSmart childcare centre offers the following services:


The physical environment is very welcoming and the premises are suitable, safe, secure and accessible to children between 4 months and 5 years. The premises also cater for disabled persons and provide for ramps, proper accessibility and safety features. The centre includes a separate baby area (for children under the age of 12 months), a classroom for toddlers, 2 classrooms for children between 2-3 years of age, a rest area, a store room, a staff room and an office. The outdoor area is at the back of the centre. The centre is also highly equipped with CCTV cameras which allow parents to view their children whilst at work during their break time making sure that their loved ones are well looked after. The furnishings and equipment are suited to the needs of children and are always be kept in good state of cleanliness and repair. The Centre is also fully air conditioned.

The early years environment provides holistic care and education, by addressing the range of children’s development needs. BeeSmart involves children in a thematic well-planned daily programme which includes learning and singing nursery rhymes, storytelling, crafts, creative arts, puppet shows, dressing up, gardening etc. During the hot summer days the children also have the opportunity to play in fresh water pools under protective canopies of an outdoor area. With such a varied regularly reviewed programme, everyday children are learning something new with planned and purposeful activities which provide opportunities for learning both indoors and outdoors.

The childcare centre is licensed and approved both by the Malta Environment & Planning Authority and the Ministry of Education and Employment Department (MEDE).

Beesmart Kindergarten

We strive to offer a programme that will enrich your child’s development through individual attention so that our student’s talents develop to their full potential. Our Programme in both Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 comprises a series of structured activities between 9.00-13.00 aimed at contributing to a child’s development along a number of dimensions including emotional, moral, intellectual, physical and social. Upon registration we will provide the parents with the full programme explaining how BeeSmart will achieve such development by learning through play. To ensure that parents are well informed of their children’s development, a parents meeting will also be held every three months. The Kindergarten calendar of events will be issued every 3 months. The calendar of events will also highlight important dates including holiday club dates, parent meeting dates etc. BeeSmart also offers before and after school club since the centre is open between 6.30-18.00.

Beesmart Summer School

11/12 Weeks BeeSmart’s Summer School Club is held at different premises and caters for children between 3 to 11 years of age. All schools follow the same programme that includes; performance art, art and crafts, cooking, science activities, painting techniques, messy crafts, water games, outings and much more. Every year, a specific theme is chosen whereby all activities are linked. This will be fun for all the children and educational at the same time.

Beesmart Holiday Club

Holidays Club (Halloween/Mid Term, Christmas, Carnival and Easter):   During school holidays, BeeSmart offers holiday club packages which will consist of a fun filled daily routine including crafts, cooking and games linked to the holiday theme. This will also enable children to mix with children from other schools enhancing their social skills which are so important for their future.

What our clients say about us 

“All the teachers including the managers give there 100% to give the children the best education whilst making learning fun and make them feel at home. All the staff is very caring and give individual attention as needed.  My kids have been recognised for several achievements and this gesture makes them feel very special and eager to improve their abilities. I am always updated with their progress and informed  if more attention is needed in a specific area. What I really like about the school is the fact that children are also thought life values which helps the children recognise right from wrong. . I recommend Beesmart School to parents who want to give a great start of education to their children.”

Mrs Dorianne Sant

“I highly recommend BeeSmart child care centre as thanks to the carers’ love, dedication, support, encouragement, care and assistance throughout the past years, my daughter is now prepared for the next stage in her life. BeeSmart has surely made a difference in the upbringing of my daughter and all carers left a print in our hearts.”

Mrs. Astrid Fenech

“I had plenty of childcare options in my area but Beesmart felt immediately as the most appropriate. I was welcomed warmly and presented with a policy that would calm any parent’s anxiety when faced with choosing their children’s second home. Great care and love is provided by all carers  who get to know all the children’s strengths and quirks, giving them the best start in their social lives. Parents’ needs and preferences are also very much respected. Beesmart was a great choice and so very easy to recommend!”

Mrs. Davida Flores

“My first experience with BeeSmart was around 3 years ago when my then one-year old son started attending formal childcare. I was very happy with how the management had addressed my need to bring in my son at 06.15 in the morning as I had to be at work by 06.30. The staff did a wonderful job at keeping the young ones occupied, happy and well-cared for. “

Mrs D. Scicluna

“When I enrolled my eldest daughter at BeeSmart Summer Club I was impressed with how well organised the programme was. The following summer I also enrolled my son as beside keeping the children occupied and happy, the programmes are always highly educational. However, what I appreciate most about BeeSmart is that the management are always receptive to the needs of the parents especially when it comes to drop-down and pick-up times of children which can be negotiated even at the eleventh hour, if need be.”

Mrs D. Scicluna

“Beesmart is an experience that I am going to treasure for a lifetime! When I saw the centre for the first time, I felt a wonderful vibe of love and care. I knew that it was the centre that my son should attend whilst I’m at work.  My son attended Beesmart when he was only 10 months. At the time he was suffering from separation anxiety so it was a bit hard for me to let him go however his crying for me in the morning only lasted a few days. He immediately settled with Nanna Bee. I have amazing memories that I can never forget and still wish that he attends BeeSmart. I recommend Beesmart for so many other reasons. Firstly, my son was treated as if he was one of their own, secondly I loved the ongoing communication that we had with each other and the way that we cooperated with each other when my son was having his terrible twos, the daily activities etc. At Beesmart, my son did not only learn the numbers or colours but he has also learnt a lot of knowledge and life skills.”

Mrs Jeanella Galea

“Very responsible, friendly and dedicated to the children, I was very satisfied with the programme Beesmart provided for summer school.  Thank you all.”

Mrs Caroline Mellors

“I really recommend Bee Smart summer school. These past 2 years my son attended Bee Smart summer club and I was really really satisfied. He really enjoyed it. They do lots of fun and varied activities. The staff are all amazing. Well done to all!!”

Mrs Claire Pace

Contact Us

Triq il-Palazz L-Ahmar,
St Venera

email: info@beesmart.com.mt

tel.:+356 9942 4702 / +356 7925 1910

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